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Online Business: Reasons Your Business Needs a Custom Domain Name

When deciding to go into business, it’s tempting to want to do things on the cheap. Equally, if you have been in business for some time, you may feel it’s not necessary to have a web presence. Of course, you could use social media to direct customers to your physical location. However, you probably should be looking at the importance of having a custom domain name.

1. Professionalism

Whatever kind of business you have, it’s expected to have a web presence. When you hear about a new company, the natural inclination is to put its name into Google. Locating its social media pages and website helps to establish trust. Equally, if you don’t find them, you start to wonder about the business in question.

Of course, there is the option to use a free web host and have subdomain as part of it. However, that lacks professionalism and makes people wonder why you aren’t investing in your website. The essential point here is you don’t want to give customers or clients the impression you aren’t investing in your business.

2. Brand recognition

Rather than thinking about the expense of buying a custom domain name and hosting package, it’s better to consider the brand exposure your purchases will bring in for you. If you can register a domain name that is the same or similar to your business name, this will do wonders for your brand recognition. In turn, your social media pages can now direct customers to your website. Simply put, the more a customer sees your brand name, the more likely it is they will visit your business to make a purchase.

3. Gives you a place to explain your business and make sales

Physical locations and social media are both excellent. However, social media often only allows limited space per update, and customers may wish to research you online. A custom domain provides a location where you can describe your business in detail as well as showcasing examples of your work or features on the products you sell. If it suits your business, you can then make sales directly from the website, but even if it doesn’t, you can offer coupons or details of exclusive offers available in store.

This article has been a brief look at some of the benefits of having a custom domain name. Hopefully, you will now see the advantages of having a professional website of your own. Just remember that it will prove your professionalism, provide brand recognition and gives you a place to make sales or advertise special offers.