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Online Business: Reasons Your Business Needs Domain Name Email

Much more can be done online these days, but the old-school rules are still apparent, and professionalism remains vital whether you are conducting business online or offline. Therefore, the image of your brand online is crucial, especially if you make sales through this medium. Of course, this starts with a professional custom domain name.

However, if you list webmail as your primary contact email address, the perception of your professionalism can disappear. There are several reasons it’s essential to have domain name email. Here are some of the significant advantages that this type of email has over webmail.

1. It instantly makes your business seem successful

A business that lists a webmail address and has a line at the bottom of the site saying this is a free website sounds neither professional nor successful. That probably does the business in question a disservice because first impressions count, even in the online world.

On the other hand, you can make a positive impression if you invest in a good host and custom domain, and use domain name email. Customers can use your email address with confidence and feel that they are communicating with an established brand. Word of mouth will spread as the business grows, and that excellent first impression you make will do wonders for your overall image.

2. A domain name email address is more memorable

Anyone who has gone through the process of registering a new webmail address will be aware of some of the challenges. It’s notoriously difficult to obtain your ideal name, and you usually have to add extra letters or numbers. Even if you can come up with a relatively professional result, it’s far from ideal for business purposes.

Domain name email is an entirely different process wherein you can register whatever name you wish, limited only by the other names registered under your domain name. That means a customer or client can contact you merely by knowing your name and website address.

3. The ability to have different email addresses for various purposes

The great thing about domain name email is the availability of various options. Unlike webmail, only you can create new email addresses. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anyone using them elsewhere. Your business will have access to whatever email contact suits your purpose and direct customers to the most appropriate one.

Using this process, you can protect your personal email address and divert customers to more general ones. Furthermore, since you can send communications to different departments, you can have contacts set up for marketing, sales, customer service, media relations, etc. The ability to have various email accounts provides many different opportunities for your business.

Professionalism is vital in business, and first impressions count. A webmail address appears amateurish. A domain name email address does not, and with so many advantages, it would be absurd not to make the most of them. Rather than focusing on the expense, consider the practicality. Not only can you use the domain name for various areas of your business, but you also can project an image to the public as being instantly successful, which will make your brand more memorable.