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Optimizing Your Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

If there was a way to increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing using data-backed intelligence, would you use it? If you could practically guarantee your content marketing and social media outreach would land you more customers, would you double down on audience outreach? If so, it is time you started thinking about optimizing your digital marketing with artificial intelligence.

Sure, artificial intelligence can be used for everything from robot manipulation to drone targeting, but did you know you could also use artificial intelligence to increase your digital marketing ROI (return on investment)? Thanks to growing interest and funding in the AI sector, there are more startups than ever before creating companies utilizing the power of artificial intelligence.

One sector benefiting from this explosion of activity is the digital marketing sector. A growing number of startup companies are building AI-backed resources for digital marketers just like yourself.

If you’re a brand builder enticed by the idea of utilizing artificial intelligence to improve your marketing effectiveness and increase your annual sales revenues, following are 10 artificial intelligence tools for digital marketers you should be investigating.


LinkmetrIQ uses artificial intelligence to help you improve your website.

Their platform enables brand builders to conduct website tests for performance, discover site usability problems, access Google Analytics deep-dive reports, track marketing campaigns with poor conversion rates, review content audits on marketing materials, and even check for outdated content, spelling mistakes, and broken links.

If this sounds like the type of artificial intelligence tool your digital marketing strategy needs, investigate LinkmetrIQ for your company.



MetaPair uses artificial intelligence to help digital marketers develop more effective brand partnerships. Using AI-based brand partnerships, digital marketers can potentially increase their outreach effectiveness while reaping improved results at the same time.

If you’ve thought of partnering with other brands or service providers to increase your digital marketing return-on-investment, check out MetaPair’s artificial intelligence offerings.



Artudata uses artificial intelligence to help brands identify their most profitable customers.

Instead of wasting valuable resources trying to persuade low-converting customers, Artudata’s interface helps sales/marketing personnel to better target customers likely to convert at a higher rate.

The Artudata platform helps with customer acquisition optimization, maximizing acquisition/retention channels, improve marketing via re-targeting efforts, and maximize sales funnel optimization via lead scoring.

If your business could use a little artificial intelligence to help turbocharge your conversion rates, you owe it to your team to investigate Artudata.



If chat messaging is part of your brand’s digital marketing strategy, you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled into paradise when you discover EyeLevel.

This up-and-coming startup uses artificial intelligence to help companies increase the effectiveness of their chat messaging on a variety of platforms including Slack, Discord, Telegram, Line, Kik, and Facebook Messenger.

Whether you’re interested in improving your conversational commerce rate for your online store or using AI-powered chatbots to increase your social media marketing return-on-investment, EyeLevel might be just the resource you’re looking for.



If you want to increase the speed of your lead conversions, check out QuantCopy. This intriguing startup uses artificial intelligence to help its customers improve their conversion rate.

Use QuantCopy to send targeted social networking messages and AI-powered emails based upon the activity of your target customers.

QuantCopy uses lead monitoring, persona analysis, and AI-generated messaging to help you increase your conversion rates and grow your customer list.



If you’re a brand builder wanting to spend less time on digital marketing without losing the momentum you’re already building, consider integrating Contento’s artificial intelligence platform into your digital marketing strategy.

Contento uses artificial intelligence to analyze/discover the type of content you should be sharing, schedule your social media sharing for optimal performance, and maximize your digital marketing return-on-investment.



If optimizing your brand’s online reviews is part of your digital marketing strategy, sign up for early access to Merit. Their platform will use artificial intelligence to help brands find and engage with the best targets for online reviews.

Integrate AI into your reputation management strategy to garner more positive reviews for your brand, and then incorporate those positive reviews into your overall digital marketing strategy. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, right? #Winning!



Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to help digital marketers improve the language they use in their outreach marketing. From email marketing to content marketing, the words you use have a huge impact on your conversion rate.

If you like the idea of optimizing your customer acquisition efforts for maximum ROI, check out Phrasee to see if their technology can help improve your business’ sales rates.


Answer Rocket

AnswerRocket helps digital marketers discover the data hiding within their business’ information. Using artificial intelligence and NLP (natural language processing), AnswerRocket’s interface can help brand builders dive into their data in order to use existing information to power digital marketing strategies.

From sales trends to overlooked outreach opportunities, analyzing existing business data can help digital marketers understand where best to focus their outreach efforts.


CX Moments

CX Moments helps businesses analyze the data in their customer support tickets using artificial intelligence. Gain a better understanding of common issues facing your customer’s thanks to CX Moments’ AI-powered interface and develop digital marketing strategies to address those issues.

You’ll never suffer from writer’s block again when it comes to creating business blog posts once you incorporate AI into your customer support department.


Once you discover the power of integrating artificial intelligence into your digital marketing strategy, you’ll feel like kicking yourself for not having discovered it sooner.

Instead of taking shots in the digital marketing dark and just hoping something sticks, you can use AI and machine learning to better inform your actions.

Combining the potential of artificial intelligence with a sound digital marketing strategy is a phenomenal way to grow your company and increase your annual revenues.

Optimizing Your Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence
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