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Quick SEO Tips – Alternative Search Engines You Should Be Targeting

The dominance of Google means that any discussion about SEO will inevitably focus on this giant of search.

As the most popular search engine, Google is able to provide consistent traffic for any site able to rank across a variety of keyword phrases.

Entire businesses have been built solely on Google traffic, with companies of all sizes investing in their optimization plans. There is, however, much more to search for marketing than just Google.

Smart marketers know that many other platforms include their own search engines, driving a huge amount of traffic to both internal and external web properties.

If you can rank within many of the following search engines, lead generation for your business can be taken to a new level.


YouTube is now considered the second most popular search engine on the internet. Visitors search for all kinds of topics, so you can find traffic and leads regardless of the subject matter.

Try to include a keyword within the title, description, and tags, while also ensuring the video receives high engagement levels. Along with the internal search engine, YouTube videos often appear in Google and Bing.


The Pinterest search engine is extremely helpful in promoting products, with many visitors using it as a guide for their buying decisions. The site itself is full of broad niches, but there is a considerable demographic of affluent women who show high engagement levels.

Some keys to success with Pinterest include using keyword phrases within your boards and pins, following a consistent posting schedule, and using the Rich Pins service for greater visibility.


Amazon has been consistently growing its platform over recent years, providing opportunities for independent sellers looking to reach large audiences. If you have your own products to sell, Amazon can store the goods in their warehouses and fulfill orders as they come in.

To rank for appropriate searches, ensure products are categorized correctly, include complete descriptions, and have a number of customer reviews.


While Bing controls less than 10% of the global search market, their share is still considerable enough to be a factor in your search marketing campaigns.

Bing operates in a similar manner to Google, so you need to focus on off-page and on-page optimization. Use appropriate keyword phrases within title tags and content, aim to keep visitors engaged on your site, and earn backlinks through effective content promotion.


TripAdvisor will be an important platform for any business in the travel and catering industries.

Many people consult the website before booking a trip or a restaurant table, so ignoring the platform could be detrimental to your income.

To optimize for the search engine, ensure you complete your profile thoroughly, adding lots of content and images.

If appropriate, promote your page to customers, helping to increase the number of reviews you receive.

Your Own Website

Large websites that have been operating for many years usually amass a lot of content.

Most site owners include a search bar, but don’t actively think too much about visitor searches. Try to improve your search service, making it as user-friendly as possible.

You can add a Google Custom Search box or a premium WordPress plugin that offers an attractive and accessible search system.

Alternative Options

There are many alternative search engines you could focus on, with your niche playing an important part in the sites your target. If you are targeting visitors in particular countries, various search engines are more or less popular depending on the location.

A small number to consider include Ask,, eHow, Reddit, Gigablast, Twingly, PriceRunner, Picsearch, Google Maps, Yahoo News, and Yummly.

You might not require optimization for all of these sites, but you can quickly work out the sites that will work for you.

Along with your broad niche, the different intent of each search will influence which platforms you focus on. For example, a product name search could lead to Amazon, whether the searcher clicks from Google or visits the site directly, so you will want to rank your own products within the relevant Amazon categories.

Alternatively, a search for a guide or tutorial might work well on YouTube, with a video able to help the searcher and then direct them to your offer.

Google still remains an important part of SEO, but it is good to broaden your horizons and look for alternative ways to reach new customers.

Quick SEO Tips – Alternative Search Engines You Should Be Targeting
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