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Recycled Milk Jug Easter Crafts and Decorations

You can use recycled milk jugs to make fun Easter crafts and decorations, and it is rewarding and important to use recycled items when creating crafts projects. Milk jugs are something that many people throw away, but they can be turned into many festive holiday décor items. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on creating recycled milk jug Easter crafts.

Easter Basket

You can make an Easter basket easily and cheaply using a recycled milk jug and your imagination. For this project, you will need brown or beige paint, a paintbrush, scissors, a razor, a marker, and a stapler. It is helpful to have a newspaper to place your milk jug on as the paint is applied and dries.

Start by cutting the milk jug in half, and remember to cut the milk jug right below the handle to make a good-sized handle from the leftover piece. Cut a strip out of the top half of the milk jug going up toward the mouth and around back again to the bottom of the other side. Staple the handle to the basket.

Using the paint and the paintbrush decorate the Easter basket in a basket weave pattern. There are several different styles you can choose, and you can research different patterns on the Internet if you like. You can also go for a more natural look and paint a woven branch style basket if you like. When the paint has dried on your Easter milk jug craft fill it with other fun Easter decorations.

Papier-mâché Easter Egg

You can make an awesome Easter egg decoration using Papier-mâché and a recycled milk jug. For this craft, you will need newspaper, flour, water, a milk jug, paint, and paintbrushes. Start this craft by ripping the newspaper into strips. You will also need to mix the flour and water until it is like pancake batter.

Place the recycled milk jug on a piece of newspaper and dip the strips of newspaper into the flour and water mixture. Cover the milk jug with the paper until the milk jug is transformed into the shape of a giant Easter egg. Now allow the egg to dry overnight.

When the Easter egg is done the drying, you can use the paint and paintbrushes to add designs and details to the egg.

Remember pastel colors are customary for Easter but feel free to paint your Easter egg in fun colors and patterns. This recycled milk jug Easter craft is a fun decoration that you can use for years to come.
Recycled milk jugs are the perfect tool for creating several Easter crafts and decorations, and these ideas are

just the start of all the fun recycled Easter crafts you can create. So break out the old milk jugs and get crafty!

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Recycled Milk Jug Easter Crafts and Decorations
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