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Resume Mistakes: Three Things to Be Wary Of

Writing a good resume these days can be a complicated business, and it’s always a challenge to know how best to present your career. This content is all about looking at some of the mistakes that job seekers often make. The essential thing is to learn from these and ensure that your resume makes the best impression.

1. Trying to cram in too much information

There are plenty of different ideas about how long the perfect resume should be. It’s common to get carried away with that and focus more on length than content. It’s crucial to focus on the career highlights that are most relevant to the role you are applying for. It’s a mistake to cram everything you have done into your resume. Cramming means your resume includes irrelevant information and your more important points miss the critical detail.

2. Sloppy grammar/spelling and incomplete contact information

However impressive you are, the basics of your resume are crucial if you want to stand out from the competition. Remember an employer may be looking at many candidates with similar experience so the little things matter. Try to ensure there aren’t any obvious spelling or grammar mistakes that could hurt your chances. This is doubly important if attention to detail is vital for the job you are applying for. Also, make sure your contact information is complete and up to date, notably if you’ve changed your email address or phone number recently.

3. Remember to include your accomplishments and not just your duties

Again, remember that competition is rife for every job advertised. Therefore, you need your resume to get you on the shortlist. If you only list what your general duties were, it’s hard to stand out. Instead, you need to focus on your accomplishments, especially if they are relevant to the role you are going for. Remember also that the employer wants to know what you did not just your team.

Resume writing can be complicated, and you certainly want to give it a lot of thought. This article has provided some things to be wary of to ensure you produce the most compelling job search document. Just remember to be concise with the information you include, to ensure your spelling/grammar, and contact information is of high quality and exact, and that you include accomplishments as well as duties.