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Running a Dog Care Business From Home

Many people cannot resist the temptation to own a dog. Your dog becomes your special friend, and offers you its undying love and affection, and guarantees you a warm welcome whenever you arrive back home.

Unfortunately, most of us have to earn a living in one way or another, and this can mean being out at work, away from your beloved pet, for many hours at a time. In most circumstances, it’s not acceptable to leave a dog unattended in the house for extended periods, so, what’s the solution?

For more and more people, paying someone to look after their pet while they are away is the answer. This situation has created an inspiring business opportunity for serious dog lovers, to start their own dog care companies. To be able to make your living by caring for other people’s dogs may sound like a utopian ideal to the dedicated dog lover, but careful thought needs to be given before starting this, or any other type of new business for that matter.

Firstly, you need to bear in mind that the lovable pooches are not your clients; your client is the dog’s owner.

This is a service business, and your job is to provide a reliable and professional service to the owner. Of course, the actual care and interaction with the dogs is a vital part of the business, but you need to remember that it is just that, a business.

Your prospective new business may seem like a frighteningly simple concept, but when you start to dig deeper into the details, you’ll find that there is more to it than you may have first thought.

For example, you are going to need public liability insurance at the very least. If you are walking your client’s dogs in a public place and they attack someone or cause an accident, you need to be covered.

Also, many local authorities now require professional dog carers to be licensed, to walk dogs for profit in public areas. You may also want to have insurance to protect you from being sued by your clients something happened to their dog while it was in your care.

The chances are you will not be out with the dogs all the time. Therefore, your home needs to be suitable for your new business as well. If you are intending to look after several dogs at a time, you will probably need a suitable vehicle for picking up and dropping off the dogs you are looking after.

If you do your homework, and everything is in place, looking after dogs for a living can be a truly rewarding business in both financial and lifestyle terms.

However, don’t forget that it is a service business where you provide a service to other people. You may love all the dogs, but you may find some of the owners a little less agreeable at times, but that’s all part of being in business for yourself.

Running a Dog Care Business From Home
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