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Scientific Research Shows That Happy and Engaged Employees Are More Productive

Happy people are not just more energetic and more fun to be around – they are also more productive workers. In fact, companies with engaged employees are 202% more successful when compared with companies with unengaged workers, according to a study from Dale Carnegie. Additionally, the Workplace Research Foundation found that spending 10% more on employee engagement led to $2,400 extra profits per employee. Those numbers are nothing to scoff at.

The further research comes from the University of Warwick. Professor Andrew Oswald, Dr. Eugenio Proto, and Dr. Daniel Sgroi conducted four experiments on over 700 participants to determine how happiness affected their productivity.

In the first three experiments, participants were asked to complete a series of math problems under a time limit. Some participants were shown a comedy clip or given free chocolate, food, and drink beforehand. Those who received the “happiness shocks” were 12% more productive than those who did not.

In the fourth experiment, researchers had the participants complete the math problems and then asked them about real-life tragedies such as death and illness. The participants who had suffered recent grief or loss were unsurprisingly less productive.

What’s the link between these two facts? Here’s some food for thought:
• People in a better mood put more effort into everything. They’re more motivated to work and succeed.
• Workers with self-confidence will work harder thanks to that inner belief.
• Stressed employees will spend too much time worrying about their problems rather than focusing on their work.
• Employees who look forward to their job will come in more often and work harder.
• Better moods lead to increased health and less sick days.
• Having a clearer mind helps increase output and efficiency.

These are just a few of the many reasons why companies should invest in employee happiness. It’s one of those things that benefits everyone involved. A happier workplace contributes to a more successful company. Everyone wins!