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Shanghai Bim Talks Autodesk Forge

The web has revolutionized human communications as we know it. Twitter, WeChat, Snapchat, Instagram, and LinkedIn have changed the way we connect both personally and professionally. The traditional newspaper, movie, and music business models have been accelerated and democratized by cloud & mobile. Can the web model of business have a similar effect on the way the AEC industry handles drawings and models?

Over recent years Autodesk has been seeking to answer that question. Autodesk has been migrating many of its flagship products to the cloud. Autodesk’s latest offering – Forge, gives consumers the ability to build their own cloud apps on top of existing project data that sit on the cloud.

On September 21, shanghaiBIM has invited Xiadong Liang to talk about the Forge Platform. Xiaodong is a successful developer and a leading member of the worldwide team of API gurus providing technical services through the Autodesk Developer Network. He supports various products APIs such as Autodesk® Inventor®, Autodesk® Navisworks®, AutoCAD®, and AutoCAD Mechanical®.

China, with an incredible amount of new cities and towers over the past decade, is an important testing ground for digital tools and building processes. International and Chinese nationals alike have found in fast-rising economies like a China, a great place to test ideas from America, whereas the August 17, 2017, issue of the Economist reports “American builders’ productivity has plunged by half since the late 1960s.”

Frequented by a diverse group of building professionals from different countries and regions, shanghaiBIM was formed in 2012 as a buildingSMART Interest group in Shanghai. shanghaiBIM is also the first American Institute of Architects TAP Group (Technology Alliance Partners) outside the continental United States. shanghaiBIM adheres to the principles of nonprofit and openness, aiming at providing user-based solutions to professionals working in Virtual Design and Construction.

Xiadong Lian’s talk with shanghaiBIM will take place on September 21 at the offices of Arcplus in Shanghai. The start time is 7:00 pm China Standard Time. Additional live demonstrations will be presented by Mr. Yao Ren from Autodesk and Mr. Cao from DADRI.

ShanghaiBIM talks Forge
Introduction & Live Presentations
Arcplus Offices
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Shanghai, China 200070

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