Social Media Content Curation: Three Tools to Create Visual Social Media

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Social media is merely the way a modern, forward-thinking business reaches its customers. Even if you’re not on top of it yet, there’s still plenty of time to dominate the social space in your sector. If you want engagement though it’s crucial to create content that will be engaging enough to pull consumers in.

To that end, visual social media is often the way to produce eye-catching updates. Nevertheless, you will need some tools to create them. Therefore, this article addresses that by suggesting three of the best tools to use for visual content purposes.

1. Pablo

One of the most effective strategies for social media content is combining text with images. Pablo is a free tool from Buffer that helps you do precisely that. In essence, the tool provides a range of public domain images from various sources as well as the ability to add text. Pablo then enables you to format your creation using multiple templates suitable for social media sharing.

It’s true that this tool doesn’t allow you to add complicated or advanced effects. However, you can create something simple and eye-catching. When you use Pablo in conjunction with a smart social media content strategy, it undoubtedly can produce some encouraging results.

2. Canva

Canva is an extremely useful tool to take full advantage of. It’s somewhat more advanced than Pablo, and you can create some stunning social media visuals with it. Essentially it is another free tool, and you can create some innovative designs with it, but you can also use paid options depending on what you choose.

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The service does provide multiple options, as you can create visuals from scratch or you can edit one of the many templates to meet your needs. Canva can also be useful to design social media graphics on your pages such as header images. It’s worth noting though it can be complicated and time-consuming to create certain visuals so sometimes a simpler tool may suit your needs better.

3. Quotes Cover

One of the most engaged types of social media updates is motivational quotes. So, if that’s the kind of content you love sharing on your brand accounts, then Quotes Cover could be the perfect tool for you.

The tool is relatively simple to use, and there’s a wide selection of quotes available, and you can use your own quotes sourced from elsewhere if you prefer. There is also the option to add a background image or modify/use visual quotes created by others. Another thing to keep in mind is that the text doesn’t have to be a quote, so that opens up various other possibilities.

It’s now well established that social media marketing is so crucial these days for brands. Obviously, there are a few different techniques you can use in digital marketing. However, visual social media is often the way to go.

This article has explored that as well as suggesting some of the best tools to get the job done. In fact, the three tools here are different enough so you can even use them all at separate times rather than having to choose between them.

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