Social Media Hacking: Using Twitter to Get New Clients

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Social media is one of the most useful ways to gain new clients.

Not only does social media enable you to reach a large audience, but it also lets you connect directly with people.

You can answer questions that people may have about something specific, reach out to new people who might not know about your products or services and even share special deals that you’re offering. If you want to get new clients through Twitter, though, there are a few things that you need to know.

Tweet directly to people

First, tweet directly to people. Consumers love to know that they’re getting attention, so sending a tweet to someone makes them feel great. Avoid sending direct messages, as this often seems “spammy” and can be a turn-off to potential clients.

Instead, read through someone’s tweets and respond directly to one or two with a valuable comment. Sending a tweet that says, “Hey, you should buy my book” or “Have you thought about hiring me for your company?” is not going to do you any favors. Instead, respond reasonably and thoughtfully.

A tweet that says, “Thanks for sharing this. I thought you made a really good point,” will be much more meaningful.

Retweet sparingly

One of the most popular ways users try to get new followers is to retweet things. Unfortunately, this rarely works.

Instead of retweeting something, respond directly to the person who tweeted the message. This will demonstrate to your followers that you’re reading other tweets, paying attention to what’s going on and that you’re taking the time to build relationships.

If you only retweet things, your own followers may become alienated and distant. After all, they’ll be wondering if you ever have anything original to say or if you just copy the tweets of others.

Share helpful links

One of the most common ways to connect with users is to exchange information. Sometimes this comes in the form of articles and posts. If you run a blog or website, you can share your own posts with your followers on Twitter. It’s also very valuable, though, to share things that you didn’t write yourself.

If you post things that other authors have written, it opens up the possibility of a meaningful conversation with your followers. Make sure that your posts are always family-friendly and useful to your readers.

If you tweet primarily about health topics, for example, you probably shouldn’t share an article on celebrity news.

If you’re trying to get new clients for your legal firm, you don’t want to share a gossip column.