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Social Media Marketing: 3 Reasons You Need to Have a LinkedIn Profile

Social media presence has become essential for most professionals whether they work in marketing or other fields. If you’re serious about your career, it’s crucial to have a LinkedIn profile these days. Here are three reasons it is so important to be visible on the business networking site.

1. It’s a golden opportunity to showcase how great you are

Of course, everyone has a resume that displays them at their best. However, if you leave it stored on your hard drive, it’s not doing much for your personal brand marketing. The useful thing about LinkedIn is that it presents an ideal opportunity to have an active resume to which you can quickly direct anyone. Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, your LinkedIn profile still plays an integral part in showcasing your work which can be used as a starting point to pick up a new business.

2. LinkedIn makes it easy to form new connections

One of the best features of using LinkedIn is the ability to make new connections, which means you can use the platform to connect with someone you recently met in a business situation. You also have the opportunity to network online with those you don’t yet know or use one of your existing contacts to get an introduction to someone who can advance your interests.

3. Share your updates and become an influencer

It’s worth remembering that LinkedIn is so much more than simply a place to showcase your resume. Another useful part of the site is the ability to share your updates and create blog-style content. Obviously, other social media sites allow you to do this to some extent. However, LinkedIn is a business community, and it’s the best place to promote things going on with your career and business. If you can do this successfully, then you can quickly become a key influencer on the site.

LinkedIn is a robust site with many great features. If you’re serious about your career, it’s vital that you create a profile; once you do, you can start interacting and growing your list of connections. By remembering the power of showcasing how great you are and sharing updates, you can become an influencer.

Social Media Marketing: 3 Reasons You Need to Have a Linkedin Profile
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