Space-Saving in a Studio Apartment

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If you live in a studio apartment, you’re aware of the challenges of maximizing space. You can find space-saving solutions by being creative and thinking outside the box. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your small space.

Space-Saving in a Studio Apartment

Living in a one-room apartment has its perks and downsides. You have less cleaning to do. You naturally refrain from buying things you don’t need.

Or maybe you don’t, and you splurge and buy something that you know will take up more space in your already-cramped living quarters. Fortunately for you, there are solutions for maximizing your studio apartment’s holding capacity.

Shelves are an elegant, classic solution to a classic clutter problem. Shelves will free up floor space, making the room feel bigger and giving you more walking space. Hanging shelves can also be a style solution, functioning as both organization and décor.

Bookcases take up a lot of space, yes. If you choose to have one in your studio, make it the most useful piece of furniture you have. Use it for books and trinkets, but also kitchen supplies, tools, and even clothes. Use plastic, wire, or cloth storage bins that will fit on the shelves of your bookcase to put clothes in.

Multipurpose furniture
Indeed bookcases should be multipurpose, but to save space, almost all the furniture in your studio should serve more than purpose. An ottoman with an area on the inside can be both storage and a coffee table. Use the sides of cabinets to hang cleaning supplies.

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Collapsible furniture
Chairs, drying racks, even tables that can be folded up and stowed are perfect for studio apartments. A kitchen table for six that converts into a desk, a vanity that doubles as a workspace, even the classic couch-bed; all examples of convertible pieces you could have in your studio.

Ditch your rug
You may think adding an area rug makes space feel cozier. If you’re in a studio apartment, it doesn’t need to feel any cozier, it’s already small. By leaving the floor exposed, you create visual continuity throughout the space.

Leave open spaces
Another tip for making your studio seem bigger is arranging your furniture in an open way. If you’re fortunate enough to have big windows, then funnel your furniture toward the window, making it the centerpiece.

The backside of doors – whether the bathroom door, closet door, or main entry door – are perfect for hanging extra stuff. Using adhesive-hooks also poses fewer risks on the back of a door than on a wall, where it’s possible some paint could chip off when you remove the hook.

Bedroom Dividers
Another concern faced by studio apartment dwellers is often how to divide the bedroom area from the living area, also without taking up too much space. You can achieve this separation with a few simple divider solutions.

You could hang curtains around your bed, or install sliding doors. Other options are a temporary half-wall next to the bed, or a bookcase strategically placed. If you have permission to paint, then change up the color in the bedroom area from the rest of the room.

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Maximizing the space in your studio apartment is an opportunity to let your creative juices flow. Draw inspiration from your favorite furniture boutiques or interior design gurus. Most importantly, don’t let your small space prevent you from thinking big.

Space-Saving in a Studio Apartment
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