The Best Business Blogs Offer Originality and a New POV

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Search the internet on any given business topic and you’re likely to find pages of posts with similar titles and content. Making your business blog stand out from the crowd may seem insurmountable, but it’s not.

Just sure that when you write it you put a new twist on an old business idea.

News Stories Can Add a Great Element to Business Blogs

In 2015, USA Today published posted a story that referenced a study of working-age Americans and the impact of poor dental hygiene on their prospects for finding work. Specifically, the story suggested that the areas in the U.S. that had the highest unemployment rates also had the highest number of working-age adults with missing teeth.

While this might be the perfect lead-in for a dental blog post, many small business owners could incorporate it into their business blog by focusing on the human resources angle. A benefit solutions organization could use it to sell dental insurance as part of an overall health care package.

A job placement agency might use it to suggest the importance of looking your best when on a job search. A non-profit might even use the story to support the need to offer more services to those who are less fortunate.

The point is that by thinking outside the box, small business owners can turn their business blog into an interesting new way of looking at the same topic.

Turn Business Ideas on their Head

There are numerous business blogs online on a variety of topics including how to write a great business blog. Many of them offer suggestions you’ve likely read before. Your goal when writing your business blog is to take a familiar topic and give it a new angle or point of view (POV).

Don’t just reiterate what someone else has said; write from personal experience. It’s one of the best ways to give a topic a fresh perspective.

For instance, if you work for a customer relationship management software company, and you’ve just developed a new mobile marketing strategy, consider what you can share about your experience that might educate others.

Perhaps you and your team discovered that developing a mobile app doesn’t start by asking what you want, but rather by asking what your customers want. Maybe you ran into some unexpected difficulties; sharing how you overcame these problems can help others.

Perhaps instead of a personal project you’ve recently read a great article on a topic related to your field, your competitors, a complementary field, the business world in general, or world news. When you read, ask yourself questions: Do I agree? How does this compare with how we do it in our organization? How is this applicable to my industry and job? What have I learned?

Whether you read an inspiring post and incorporate it into your own business blog or you face a business challenge and want to share your results, make your business blog more than just a rehash of what someone else has said. Make it original and unique. Put a new twist on an old idea.

The Best Business Blogs Offer Originality and a New Pov
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