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The Ins and Outs of the Nofollow Tag

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you’ve heard people talk about nofollow tags. You may have wanted to know what they were but were too afraid to ask what they were.

You probably are wondering why you would use a nofollow tag on your website. This article explains what a nofollow tag is and why you should use nofollow tags on your website.

What Is A Nofollow Link?

When you link to a website, you are basically telling Google that this is a good site. You are sort of “voting” for the site. You are passing off some of your Page Rank to the other site. Basically, Page Rank is Google’s way of knowing how important your site is.

That’s not the scope of this article, so we really aren’t going to dive too deep into Page Rank. That’s a whole different article in and of itself. So sometimes you want to link to a site, but you don’t want to give away any Page Rank. Read on to understand when you may want to be stingy about your Page Rank.

Why Should You Use A NoFollow Link?

Sometimes you don’t want to pass off any of your PageRank. This could happen when you are getting paid to post a link on your site. This can also happen if you post any affiliate links on your site. If you are passing PageRank to a link someone paid you to post, that is considered spam by Google and they could penalize your site. So if you don’t want to pass PageRank to another site, you do so by using a nofollow tag. In this next section, we’ll talk about how to put a nofollow tag on your website.

How To Use A NoFollow Link

There are a few ways to put a nofollow tag on links that you put on your website. If you are using a WordPress blog, you can use a plugin. One plugin that you can use is called the Ultimate NoFollow. Or if you don’t want to use a plugin, you can just insert the HTML code.
Here’s the html code you would use if you just want to add the tag to a single link:sign in

You also have the option of adding the nofollow tag to all links on a particular page.
The html code for that is:.

Now that you know about nofollow tags, be sure to use them whenever you are concerned about passing PageRank off to another site. It’s a very simple tool that you can use to help keep you in Google’s good graces.

The Ins and Outs of the Nofollow Tag
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