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These are the Top 10 Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Business’ Content Creation in 2019

A successful content marketing strategy is not only available to those with big budgets and social media management teams. Even small businesses and lone service providers can increase the profitability of their company via content marketing. The secret sauce that a growing number of savvy business owners are discovering is the power of CaaS. CaaS (Content as a Service) helps companies offer engaging brand marketing to their audience without needing to hire in-house writing staff.

No longer reserved for huge corporations or those with deep pockets, content creation as a service has gone mainstream. Startup companies, service providers like plumbers and carpenters, or even health care providers like dentists and chiropractors can now put the power of carefully crafted content to work for their business. Need a little convincing that a CaaS might be right for your business? Time to discover the top 10 reasons your business needs to consider outsourcing content creation.

1) An on-demand content company can create fresh blog posts to improve your business’ chances of being found in search engine queries. Skilled writers can create sharable content by using tricks of the trade like news-jacking and hashtag monitoring.

2) A ghostwriter can craft social media posts for your business on an as-needed basis. From occasion-specific tweets to seasonal Facebook posts, a content creation company can optimize your social media content for maximum reach.

3) A CaaS company can create white papers for your business to offer as free downloads. If you want to grow your email subscriber list, offering a free whitepaper is an excellent option to consider.

4) Talented on-demand writers can create niche-specific content for your business to submit to mainstream media publications. Whether your CEO doesn’t have time to blog or your SEO strategy needs a good swift kick in the pants, submitted content crafted by a ghostwriter can have your brand appearing across multiple news feeds in no time.

5) CaaS is an excellent option to consider if your business occasionally needs press releases created. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a press release syndication service, you can use the services of an on-demand writer and a free press release distribution service.

6) Ebooks are becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool. A ghostwritten ebook can help your business stand out from the competition when no one else in your niche is offering advice on platforms like Kindle.

7) Did you know that on-demand writers can also craft product descriptions for your website or e-commerce store? Search engine optimized product descriptions can boost sales and improve your brand’s visibility on platforms like Amazon and eBay.

8) Using the services of a ghostwriting team frees up your time for tasks only you can accomplish. Whether it’s negotiating with suppliers or conducting interviews for new hires, your time can be spent building your business while a professional wordsmith creates content for your business to share.

9) Ghostwriters on standby are an excellent option to consider if your business can’t afford a full-time marketing or social media team. Word crafters can be called in for duty only when your business needs their services. Whether you need a social media push prior to a product launch or you need a series of blog posts to spotlight seasonal service offerings, an on-call ‘ghost’ is available for action on your terms.

10) Talented wordsmiths are often talented in visual marketing too. Chances are pretty good that an agency that offers on-demand written content can also create social media images and infographics too.

Are you ready to optimize your brand marketing for success by utilizing on-demand content? Think of working with outsourced content creators as having an inbound marketing team on speed dial. You only request service when you need it and you pay for content that is created according to your specifications. It doesn’t get much simpler than that, right? When your brand purchases full-rights content, the copyright belongs to you. Outsourced content can be posted under labels like ‘Admin’ or you can post your purchased content under your own name. It’s time to put the marketing secret to work for your business that big name brands have been using for years. All aboard the brand marketing train! (No one needs to know there’s a ghostly engineer at the controls).

These are the Top 10 Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Business’ Content Creation in 2019
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