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Three Tips on Running a Dental Practice

Nearly 200,000 dentists work in cities and towns across America. Increasing numbers of independent hygienists also provide services in many states. It’s crucial to stay competitive by finding ways to increase customer satisfaction and draw new patients to your dental practice. You might achieve these goals with the help of the following advice:

1. Some people put off visits to dental offices as long as possible. To discourage procrastination, try offering a coupon with a prominent expiration date. You could provide a modest discount on cleanings or a free bonus, such as a basic electric toothbrush or a liter of natural mouthwash. To control costs, only let new patients use the coupon.

2. Accept as many payment methods as possible. Try to join more insurance and discount card networks; you can find and fill out their applications online. As of 2016, the networks with the most patients are Aetna, Delta Dental, MetLife and Cigna. Think about accepting credit and debit cards if you don’t already do so.

3. Record the actual starting and ending times for every appointment. You should know the average number of minutes that your practice takes to complete each type of procedure. This data will help employees schedule appointments efficiently. Patients may go elsewhere if they arrive on time but sit in the waiting room for 30 or 40 minutes.

These tips on running a practice could make dental services more appealing and convenient for your customers. Patients will prefer your office if they receive treatment quickly and face limited out-of-pocket expenses. Effective incentives create a sense of urgency; new customers will have to pay more for a service if they don’t schedule appointments soon.

Three Tips on Running a Dental Practice
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