Top Five Current Food Trends

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Trends are everywhere, including when it comes to what we eat. The new preferences in food are low carb, healthy fats, ancient grains, and food that is easy to prep right in your home. People are eating out less, and caring more about what they are eating, and if you watch current marketing, it shows.

Top Five Current Food Trends

As with anything else, what we eat is subject to current trends. With people caring more about overall health, and vitality, it makes sense that there is more research into what we put into our bodies. Food is enjoyable and can be an experience from bite to the very last nibble.

Below is a list of the five most current food trends and why they have become so popular.


Until recently, you may not have had an idea what ketone was, or what ketogenic eating was all about. The term “fat bomb” was probably not in your lexicon, and MCT may have sounded like someone on SoundCloud, but you have likely heard of the keto diet. As a subset of the low-carb diet, keto eating isn’t particularly new. Keto, a low-carb, high fat, moderate protein way to eat, is often used to treat illnesses like epilepsy.

Keto has as always had a cult-like following on the bodybuilder message boards, but last year it exploded on to the mainstream with a host of new products marketed to the keto-dieter. Even already established players in the diet industry like Slim Fast hopped on the keto train and created a line of bars, shakes, and fat bombs for the carb-conscious, high fat keto connoisseur.

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While those on a ketogenic diet were having a snack of beef and bacon, plant-based products were exploding on the market. In 2018 plant-based food sales took off. Supermarket News referenced a study by Plant-Based Foods Association that showed a whopping 20% increase in sales from July of 2017 to July of 2018.

More people are eating plant-based to be more health-conscious. Also, data suggests eating plant-based is better for the environment, leading to people ditching animal products. The food industry is taking notice by offering tastier meat alternatives and plant-based food items.

Specialty Donuts

Homer Simpson would be happy to hear that donuts have made an enormous comeback, but not just any old glazed or powdered donut would do. According to Food Business News, the palate of the average donut lover has expanded, with choices on the menu like maple bacon, s’ mores, donuts topped with your favorite breakfast cereal, and even mango donuts.

Organic and clean foods

The term clean food might seem a bit strange; after all, one would hope that all their food is clean. But in this context, clean eating means lacking preservatives, all-natural, organic, and fresh. It’s also a high selling point as foodies flock to restaurants that offer them dishes that do not only taste good but are good for you.

It’s even become more accessible to eat clean food because quick-serve chain restaurants like Chipotle and Panera offer ingredients that are free from antibiotics and organic. You can also find fresh ingredients in the frozen food aisle, as brands like Lean Cuisine create products that contain whole food, real ingredients, and few preservatives.

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Ancient Grains

Five years ago, a little-known grain called quinoa because a food superstar, now eating ancient grains has become one of the most popular food trends. In addition to quinoa still holding on strong, the popularity of protein-packed seeds and grains has continued to rise steadily. Last year saw an increase in the demand for hemp seeds, chia, and flaxseeds.

These little seeds pack a protein punch and are easy to add to smoothies, salads, and other recipes making them an easy way to add nutrients, without a lot of calories

Honorable mentions

Food delivery services like Ubereats and GrubHub have recently expanded. Also, accessible to prep meal kids that are delivered to your front door also increased in popularity. The ability to enjoy affordable “take out at home,” combined with the savings versus a going out to eat, play a big part in the soaring use of services like these.

People take their food seriously. People are putting more thought into what they put in their mouth, and the food industry is adapting to the changes and answering the demand.

Top Current Food Trends

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