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Travel Companies Take the World by Storm with Salesforce

Travel is about adventure, about blazing trails and finding something new. Leading travel companies understand that travelers are searching for something unusual, and when they book their trip, they want personalized service, recognition of their unique needs and solid support if something goes wrong.

Travel agencies have a long history of embracing innovation, and their widespread use of customer relationship management technology is just the latest way the industry has shown its commitment to the cutting edge.

A customer relationship management system, or CRM, underpins extensive data collection to support genuine relationships and big-picture customer management.

The beauty of CRM lies in their ability to capture and intelligently report every aspect of a business’ operations, from a detailed look at particular opportunities to the company’s bigger picture, including past sales and complex opportunity forecasts.

This level of information offers managers and the top brass a unique understanding of the state of their business, equipping them to respond quickly to the present and plan insightfully for the future.

Salesforce is a CRM at the forefront of innovation. The Salesforce platform makes it easy to keep tabs on customers’ preferences and events, with streamlined data capturing capabilities.

Much of the information entered into the system is not new, so making a move to Salesforce won’t burden staff. Quite the opposite. Automating and streamlining routine business operations frees staff from the daily grind, empowering them to focus on their customers.

The brilliance of the Salesforce platform lies in its ability to unite disparate streams of information, building a complete picture of each customer. Salesforce seamlessly integrates every contact with a customer through email, phone, and social media, which makes it easy to keep tabs on a case. The CRM then issues intelligent alerts so that well-informed staff can respond quickly to events in your customers’ lives.

It’s no wonder Big Data platforms like Salesforce are swiftly becoming indispensable in the travel industry.

Get the most out of Salesforce–in 5 simple steps

1. Keep it personal

In a full-circle return to the personalized attention of the mom-and-pop shop, CRMs equip travel companies to offer genuinely tailored customer service, no matter the scale of your operation.

To get the most out of Salesforce, ensure your staff makes the most of the opportunities Salesforce offers. Once reps can access a customer’s background at the touch of a button–their previous trips to South America, their preference for 5-star accommodation and love of cruising, their contacts with staff and the way that missed flight was resolved–it’s easy to give them exactly what they’re seeking.
As in all service industries, when customers feel genuinely recognized, the only way is up.

2. Network your staff

Behind the scenes, Salesforce works to keep staff connected and in the know. Salesforce Chatter is a social networking tool designed to facilitate back-end information sharing and build camaraderie among staff, even when operating over many physical sites.

Travel relies on the uniqueness of opportunity, as well as competitive pricing, and companies vie to beat the competition to the next significant find. A well-networked team can share global recommendations and feedback, so your customers learn about undiscovered treasures first.

3. Grow your community

Take advantage of Salesforce’s community-building capacity to facilitate a buzzing sense of connectedness in your customer base.

With Salesforce Communities, your customers can create support cases and track their progress, so they know they haven’t been forgotten.

Community Cloud employs the power of Big Data to create a deeply personal feel for your customers. It invites their participation, recommending content based on customers’ unique interests, and provides links to experts, groups and rich content.

Watch your community portals. The businesses most successfully applying Salesforce’s capabilities to keep their eyes on their customers and respond quickly to deliver what they need.

4. Look ahead

Take advantage of Salesforce’s forecasting tools to gain a deeper understanding of the financial outlook for your business.

Salesforce offers customized forecasting, from simple opportunity forecasting based on the stage of each opportunity to algorithm-driven advanced predictive forecasting. Ensure you capitalize on Salesforce’s capabilities by structuring your prediction to meet the specific needs of your business, so your planning is responsive and insightful.

Share your forecasts with staff. By encouraging staff to collaborate on issues of relevance to them, from the performance of a specific site to opportunities in the pipeline, you’ll foster their increased buy-in in the business.

5. Integrate

Salesforce integrates seamlessly with a host of supported apps, from apps facilitating travel bookings and stunning itinerary presentations, to planning and networking tools that your customers will love to use. Use these apps to focus on staff and grow your relationship with your customers.

With careful planning and integration, you’ll take advantage of the many opportunities Salesforce affords, to offer a genuinely responsive, unique and insightful travel service. You’ll stay ahead of the game with Salesforce.

Travel Companies Take the World by Storm with Salesforce
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