Types of Work-from-home Opportunities and How to Choose The One for You

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This blog entry addresses the two primary types of work-at-home opportunities: jobs and business opportunities.  It identifies jobs as paid-for-work opportunities and businesses as investment opportunities, and the article briefly explores what both types of opportunities have to offer.

Types of Work-from-home Opportunities and How to Choose The One for You

by Frances Leary

In your search for the right opportunity that will enable you successfully to stay home with your children, there are basically two different types you’ll find: jobs and business opportunities.

Work from home jobs is employment opportunities that pay you by the hour or for completing a task. This task might be as simple as completing a survey or reading an email. It also might be writing an article or making phone calls.

Work-at-home jobs typically do not require an initial investment, although some services do require that you pay for what they offer. (There are services, for example, that will provide you with tools, strategies, and resources to be successful completing surveys or writing articles, and these services typically have a minimal one-time fee.)

Although there is very little or no investment involved in a work at home job, the ultimate financial reward would likely be less than with a business.

Work at home business opportunities are ones that grow over time. Instead of being paid for a one-time task, you are usually paid with commissions and bonuses that increase as your business grows. Typically there is an initial investment to start a home business….just as there would be if you started your own business outside your home (i. e. opening a Subway chain or a flower shop).

Often the income takes longer to build up in a home business, but once it starts flowing in, it keeps flowing in more and more.

In deciding what type of work from home opportunity is best for you, you should consider these two categories and choose which one is best for you. Perhaps you’ll even combine the two…invest in business but also complete some pay-per-task jobs while your business is growing.

Your business is your business. There is no right or wrong, and there are many, many opportunities to choose from. Take your time to explore what is available and find what is right for you.