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What to Do after an Influencer Marketing Campaign Goes Live

Influencer marketing campaigns take a lot of work to get off the ground, but the work doesn’t end when the content goes live. Brands need to monitor, track and record the coverage and traffic it has generated. Watching traffic can be overwhelming when staff members are already managing social media feeds and responding to consumers, but a little organization and a few tips can make it more manageable.

Analytics and Landing Pages

Once an influencer campaign has started, where will the target audience go? Some organizations will send new visitors directly to their home page. However, a dedicated landing page can often be far more effective.

A dedicated landing page should tie in with the media visitors clicked through to get to the website. There should also be an explanation about what the organization is all about and what it has to offer. The page should then encourage visitors to do something. Called a conversion, this action could be a donation request, a gift, a sale, links to social media profiles, or even direct them to sign up to an email list. The work doesn’t stop there.

Website Analytics

Website analytics can give organizations a comprehensive view of what new visitors do when they arrive on the website. Therefore, organizations will need to set up specific conversion funnels or campaigns that only track visitors gained through the influencer campaign.

In many instances, organizations will need to track traffic on the designated landing page. Then, catch the rest of the new visitors who land elsewhere on the site by separating the traffic by source. To identify the sources relevant to the campaign, use the source data provided by the social and news media monitoring tools, which will provide information on all of the new links and headlines generated by the campaign.

Monitoring Influencer Campaigns

Sometimes, influencer campaigns seem to stagnate at the beginning. However, when content starts to get attention, it tends to spread quickly and without the ability to control it. Organizations need to know what others are saying about the company and the content. If opinions are negative, staff members will need to make any necessary changes as soon as possible. Therefore, social media and news media monitoring services become an absolute must.

Television and Radio Monitoring

In the early days of media monitoring, individuals would record television and radio segments. Teams of people would then manually scan each clip for an ad or specific piece of content. Eventually, companies appeared that specialized in doing this task. This monitoring process still happens today, but it now uses computers.

Some companies still have teams manually search television and radio clips. However, most news media providers now publish their clips online. Organizations then use monitoring software to search through the transcripts and closed captioning to find specific keywords or names. Other programs use speech recognition to identify relevant words and phrases. They work in much the same way as other monitoring services, but they can be expensive.

Television and radio monitoring software vary considerably from one provider to the next. Some companies perform the necessary searches and present the customer with the results. Other monitoring software companies only provide tools, so the customer does the work. Either way, organizations will need to consider the types available and choose the one that best suits their needs.

Social Media and News Media Monitoring

Influencer campaigns can get a solid start if an organization leverages the strength of its existing social networks. Share links and post complementary content to keep people engaged and interested. Just be careful not to spam social networks. The goal is to generate buzz and excitement around the content without annoying people.

With live social and news media monitoring, organizations can get up-to-the-minute information. These programs make it possible to regularly assess how a campaign has been received by the target audience. The brand can make changes on the go to minimize the damage of negative attention and maximize the advantage of opportunities.

The search queries used with social and news media monitoring tools determine the quality of the results they deliver. Therefore, it’s worth it to take some time to develop a comprehensive list. Let the tool run. Then, refine the search queries to get the best possible collection of headlines without missing any.

Staff will need some way to monitor the social and news feeds to catch anything that needs to be addressed immediately. These results can be scanned manually by staff. However, good quality social media and news monitoring software will match results with user-defined criteria. When the software finds one, it will send an alert.

Influencer Marketing Reports

Daily evaluations of influencer campaign coverage are also essential. By doing so, organizations can adjust the campaign and maximize their success. These evaluations should include how much coverage there was and if it was positive or negative. The origin of the coverage and the number of social interactions each headline received will also be important. Lastly, brands should check the comments on active content and address any concerns or questions readers might have had. By interacting with readers, organizations can avoid negative press and show the target audience that it is engaged and concerned about consumer satisfaction.

Assessments sometimes include new opportunities. For example, a reliable source may have published a story that received a fair amount of attention and interaction. In this instance, the organization could reach out to see if the publisher would be willing to publish additional content such as an interview. By doing so, the brand can generate more attention, but also build its search engine optimization and content marketing strategy.

Final reports on an influencer campaign can be highly beneficial. A final summary of all the website analytics and media monitoring tool data will allow the organization to determine the success of the influencer campaign. Staff can then investigate and decide what worked, what didn’t, and how the organization can do better the next time it launches a marketing campaign.

Using influencers to market a business can require a lot of time and attention. However, using the right combination of tools and following a carefully planned process can streamline the entire campaign and generate better results. The organization will have more reliable information, greater reach, higher conversions, but most importantly, a better understanding of itself and its target audience.

What to Do after an Influencer Marketing Campaign Goes Live
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