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What You Didn’t Know About Donuts

Donuts are one of America’s favorite morning treats. While some may think a sugar-filled breakfast isn’t healthy, donuts can be a great start to any day. The sweet tastes go along great with a cup of coffee. The donuts can be dunked in the coffee or eaten alone, either way, they are a great start to any day.

Some Quick Donuts Facts

There are several little-known facts about donuts. Over 10 billion donuts are produced in America yearly. The demand for donuts is so high in America that many coffee shops carry them. The typical American will eat a little under three dozen donuts a year, which adds up to more sales in the shops. One man, Eric Booker, consumed 49 donuts in just eight minutes. He still holds the title in the Guinness Book of World Records.        

While Dunkin Donuts is certainly the biggest donut provider, they may not be the best. Several smaller chains can provide freshly baked donuts that taste great. The business, founded in 1950, was the source for some of the most popular donut recipes. Many of the donuts produced by Dunkin Donuts and other coffee shops use a donut machine to shape and bake the dough to perfection.

A Little Bit about Donut Holes

Another interesting fact is that donuts were not always missing their center. The famous “donut hole” was created when bakers realized that it increased bake times. The missing center also allowed for more even cooking, even if the donut was being fried. Donut holes, which are not always the center of the pastry, became a popular treatment because of this historic change. They may also be prepared with just balls of dough and then fried.

Remembering This Breakfast Favorite

So whether you are about to enjoy your favorite coffee house treat or want something to appreciate on the first Friday in June, remember the rich and exciting history of the donut.