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Why Email Marketing is an Extremely Powerful Marketing Technique

Email marketing is one of the most useful techniques to connect with prospective clients and customers. Today, emails have gone far ahead of telephone calls and postal emails when it comes to communicating for business purposes. The number of email boxes worldwide is fast increasing with each passing day.

Given below are some of the key reasons that make email an extremely powerful technique for marketing online.

It’s Cost-Effective

One of the greatest benefits of email marketing is that it saves you a lot of money. Banner ads and direct mail campaigns cost a lot more as compared to marketing through emails.

An email marketing campaign will cost you just 1/8th of the total money that you’ll spend on direct mail campaigns. Direct mailings increase costs as it involves the artwork, digital proofing, printing, binding, mailing, etc.

It Saves You Time

An email campaign is much faster to create than direct mailings. Direct mail campaigns can consume days while email campaigns can be launched within a couple of hours.

It Builds Long Term Relationships

Email marketing is all about being ‘social.’ Not too many businesses work on the idea of using emails to build relationships with their consumers. While desperately trying to increase their sales, they compel many of the consumers to click the unsubscribe link very soon.

One of the most important tips that email marketers can use is to focus on building long term relationship with subscribers. And the rest will follow.

It Helps Gain Valuable Feedback

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is that it gives marketers an opportunity to gain useful feedback from customers. People may feel a bit shy when talking face-to-face. But emails give them a chance to submit honest feedbacks. Online marketers can use customer feedbacks to discover what products and services have a high demand, who they should actually target and how to offer something which the market is ready to pay for.

Its Progress is Easily Trackable

Yet another reason which makes email marketing one of the most powerful is that you can easily track the performance of your campaign. There are various email services that offer tools to track campaign statistics, which can be further utilized to improve the email marketing strategy.


As compared to traditional forms of advertising, email marketing can make a more powerful impact on consumers. If you plan your strategy appropriately, marketing through emails can immediately boost your product sales.

Why Email Marketing is an Extremely Powerful Marketing Technique
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