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Why Every Startup Needs a Growth Hacker on the Team

No matter what the industry, running a business is a difficult and complicated process. From marketing the business effectively and finding the right customers to fielding customer service calls and looking for new opportunities, entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates.

That is why it is so important for the owner of a startup business to assemble the right team. It does not matter how great the idea is or how experienced the entrepreneur, without a solid team, success will be difficult to achieve.

Growth hackers understand the challenges faced by companies and the importance of testing the market and looking for new and creative ways to market the company. That is why so many businesses are making growth hackers an integral part of their teams.

Growth hackers use a combination of big data, modern analytics, and their own marketing savvy to help their clients build better brands, gain more customers and manage their growth in the smartest way possible.

Simply put, the goal of the growth hacker is to help their clients manage growth more effectively, thereby reducing marketing costs and making it easier to build a solid brand in the shortest amount of time possible.

Businesses can benefit mightily from the presence of an experienced growth hacker on the team. Not only can they help new entrepreneurs develop smart achievable goals and manage their businesses more effectively, but growth hackers can also experiment with many different types of marketing to finding the most cost-effective way to get the word out and drive new customers through the door.

Even the most experienced business owner is probably not an expert on everything, and letting the growth hacker handle the marketing side of the startup can free up the entrepreneur to use their talents.

One of the most powerful reasons to bring a growth hacker onboard is to more accurately define marketing goals. The business owner might set a goal of acquiring 5,000 new customers through their social media marketing efforts, but simply stating that the goal is not enough. A good growth hacker can take that goal and develop a social media marketing plan to achieve it.

A good growth hacker can also help the owners of business identify their most promising customers. Identifying the ideal customer is not as easy as it sounds, and many entrepreneurs find that they were initially off the mark.

The owner of a pet styling business, for instance, might think their ideal customer is a single female with a toy breed dog and an income over $50,000. Upon further inspection, and the intervention of a growth hacker, they may discover that the perfect customer is a married couple making $100,000 a year and who own a larger breed of canine.

In this world of demographic profiling and deep data mining, that is valuable information indeed, but it is only one of the many benefits of adding a growth hacker to your startup team. A growth hacker can also keep close tabs on your competition, letting you know what they are doing and how they are reaching out to the customers you are also seeking for your startup.

Experienced growth hackers are experts in social media marketing, and they will be able to help you see what your competitors are doing right and how you can use those lessons to your advantage. Just as importantly, an experienced growth hacker can help you take advantage of any missteps your competitors make online, allowing you to sidestep those blunders and grow your market share.

Whether you are running a new business or trying to grow an existing business, adding a growth hacker to your team is a smart move. Growth hackers help businesses in myriad ways, and using their expertise is one of the best ways to build your brand, increase your profitability and enhance the visibility of your business.  

Why Every Startup Needs a Growth Hacker on the Team
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