Why Google AdWords is Still an Excellent Marketing Option for Dentists

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People in search of dental work no longer open the yellow pages to find a dentist. They go online and utilize search engines for dentist reviews, locations, and availability. 85% of website traffic is generated through web search queries.

This means that Google’s AdWords is an effective means of advertising for most dentists. AdWords technology makes dental practice much more noticeable to potential customers while still being cost-effective.

The Power of Google AdWords

AdWords ensures that a dental practice’s advertisement will be placed ahead of a web search’s normal results. This is an efficient and effective means of advertising. It puts your practice’s name right out there at the front of any search for dentists in your area. You must create s practical understanding advertisement that will prompt customers to click it and continue to peruse your practice’s landing page.

The most successful AdWords endeavors have well-honed landing pages that are easy to use and prominently display the practice’s accolades and contact information. There should be a “call to action” on the landing page such as a modifiable contact form that the user can fill out for the practice to contact them to schedule an appointment. 

Even something like a coupon that will bring the customer into the office is a sufficient call to action.

One of the primary advantages of using AdWords is that your practice can set a daily budget with Google so that you aren’t billed an egregious amount of money.  This way you can advertise on a budget without your advertisement over-saturating the market. AdWords lets you choose a maximum dollar amount that you’d like to spend per day, like $10.

Google AdWords is Only One Piece of the Marketing Puzzle

AdWords can also be quite time-consuming. To make sure that you aren’t wasting your money on the service, you must continuously modify keywords and determine whether the cost per click is worth the investment. This means that you must be somewhat web practical understanding, have a good amount of free time and be willing to invest your effort into understanding and utilizing the technology.

So, AdWords is ideal for dental practices that are committed to the advertising strategy for the long haul as AdWords advertisements stop appearing as soon as you decide that you no longer want to pay. Why bother investing all the time and effort into learning how the technology works if you aren’t going to stick with it for at least a year?

Yet AdWords is especially effective in certain situations.  Dentists with new practices have the most to gain from an AdWords campaign. A new practice’s website will take a while to gain prominence in web search results so they can jump to the head of the pack with AdWords.

Also, dentists located in areas with the stiff competition will benefit from an AdWords campaign as it vaults them ahead of their competition, creating optimal visibility.

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