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Why Interior Designers Need the Services of a Public Relations Firm

By K. Ong

Your excellent interior design offerings are useless if potential clients haven’t heard of your company and your services. Advertising and word-of-mouth spread can cast a wider net, but why not take another step: hire a PR firm to be your voice and your vehicle.

How do public relations benefit interior designers? Here are three common advantages of being backed by a PR agency.

Establish a High-Profile Brand

When you hire a publicist, you boldly elect to build a high-profile brand for your interior designing business. With the help of a public relations firm, you have a much bigger chance of outshining other interior designers out there who are vying for the same client base.

A traditional marketing campaign is expensive. To launch yourself in the interior designing market and to showcase your unique services, a PR program is one of the most effective ways to realize your business goals without breaking the bank.

For one, you have talented writers on call to create your press releases and winning sales pitches. And if you need an online component for your business, the PR firm has figured out and has tested the waters. The PR firm already knows when, where, and how to present the information.

Get More Business Opportunities

Even when the housing market is saturated, there are still business opportunities to be had. When housing values drop and people have difficulty selling their homes, they may need your know-how in decorating and incorporating home improvements in order to attract buyers. With a strong public relations plan, you can make waves in home staging services that capture the imagination of potential home buyers.

And because the PR agency understands your industry’s strengths and weaknesses, it knows how best to position your brand to prospective clients.

No Time Wasted

Don’t waste time thinking of ways to generate publicity for your business. Even the more time-consuming aspects—implementing publicity plans and following up on media leads—are readily handled by your publicist.

The PR agency has the resources and the experience to perform the time-consuming writing of press releases, crafting and sending of pitches to media outlets, and meeting the editorial deadlines of various publications relevant to the interior design market. You’d be surprised by the creative ideas put forth by the press relations agency.

Don’t waste time learning about different public relations tools, including ezines, media interviews, media kits, press releases, social media, seminars, and webinars. Focus on your business, and leave the publicity generation to the PR firm.